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Whipporwill Arts professional musician's pay guidelines and animation (below)

This 80 page document is described as "A living, evolving resource for arts funders and organizations that support ethical treatment of artists."


In early communications Whipporwill's Co-Founder & CEO and I determined that this piece needed to exude authority and specifically not resemble a marketing piece. 

I was provided a piece to use as inspiration for branding (Turn Up the Mic, Tune Up the Future cover shown). The font was unknown but since it wasn't really a "brand" font we decided that Roboto Slab worked well, and I paired it with the font family, Merel.

Hyperlinks in long copy can be tricky, to keep the color palette manageable I used a slightly lighter but more intense version of the headings deep red and added a fine, pale underline.


In progress. I am creating this animation using copy from the guidelines with Adobe After Effects. 


Harvard Kennedy School animated ad 

The first animation for Harvard was a one-off created in what is now Adobe Animate, an early project when I first started working for them. So it was before I developed the look for the Kennedy School Executive Education (below right).

I worked with the schools Communications Manager, she would provide the copy as well as the idea to feature a location photo. I would take it from there, presenting a few options and working it out from there. I handled all aspects of their projects, design, prepress, publishing spec prep, and file archiving.

Blackboard spot website animations

Created in what is now Adobe Animate, I worked with different internal Blackboard client for these, mostly Blackboard Transact, which was red, each division had a different color.

I would be given the copy, size, and placement, I would come back with a simple gif concept and go back and forth from there.



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