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For a limited time I am offering a complete startup (or restart) package for a reasonable monthly fee and no upfront lump sum to get your business off the ground and keep your (digital) overhead low:

  1.   Complete SEO compliant website

  2.   Professional logo design

  3.   Business card and letterhead

  4.   Social Media graphics

  5.   One year of ongoing support

Big Deal

It will start with a conversation, about your products/services, target market, the feeling of your brand and finish with a fully branded website that you can make small edits to, and even add a product to in under 5 minutes (if you want to sell things on your site).

1.  Complete SEO compliant website

Here are all the things that are included in your final website:


  • Two Website Home Page Design Options

  • Thee Rounds of Design Edits

  • Three Lower Level Page Layouts based on chosen Home Page Design to accommodate different content (Contact, Blog, etc.)



  • Custom domain name
    (I'll help you pick a good one ;)

  • Programming
    (both desktop and mobil versions)

  • Hosting

  • Visitor Analytics app for 1 year

  • Excellent customer care and technical support

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) compliant information added to each web page and Google indexing initialized so that when people search for your business you will appear in the results. These are the first 2 steps in SEO optimization.

  • Contact forms & mailing list signup

  • A blog



  • Online booking

  • Take online orders

  • Complete Solutions for Fitness Pros and others (scheduling, memberships, staffing, online sessions)

  • Dropshipping

  • Monetize Your Art & Content

2.  Professional logo design

Here is what you get for the logo portion of the Big Deal package:


  • Two Logo Design Options

  • Three Rounds of Design Edits/refinements to perfect your logo of choice



  • Your logo will be provided in every common format needed for both print and digital, to add to web ads, social media, Microsoft products, posters, you name it. Each file will be clearly labeled for its use and I am available to answer any questions if anything oddly specific comes up.

3.  Business card and letterhead

What's a logo without a business card?


  • Two Business Card & Letterhead Design Options

  • Two Rounds of Design Edits/refinements to perfect your design of choice



  • Print ready PDF with and without trim marks so that you can bring it to any printer you choose

  • Local printers are a great choice, prices are usually competitive and you have the benefit of being able to see and feel your paper choices. If you go with an online vender, I like Vista Print, they are a great balance between print and quality.

4.  Social Media graphics

I have a logo, what else is there?


  • I know, you're no fool, headers of course! And a circle graphic for Instagram.

5.  One Year of ongoing support*

Remember that time when you bought a smartphone and then you couldn't figure out that button that wasn't a button and it totally blew your day?


  • Any time that I am at my desk I will turn on my Chat and be here for any questions you have. We can chat, I can call you, whatever you need.

  • Email me anytime, I am very responsive.

* it is ok if you choose to remain hands-off, if you sign up for this program I will be taking care of your website as if it were my own. This support is for those people who want to take this first year of site ownership to learn how to handle the reins a bit, edit their site, dig into bonus features like mailing lists and social posting, find out about their site visitors by viewing their analytics, and more. 

The Big Deal Pricing

Basic Site:
$90 a month for 1 year

eCommerce Store Site DIY*:
$150 a month for 1 year



eCommerce Store Site JDI*:
$300 a month for 1 year



*DIY = Do It Yourself Store
I will create your store with a few products in a few categories and teach you how to add more items to your store, it's easy but labor intensive as you might expect. You must provide your own product photos.

*JDYS = Jodi Does Your Store

I will create your store with up to 150 products, not including taking product photos. Contact me about estimate for product photography .

Want in on the Big Deal?

Enter your information below so we can get started!

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