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Client stories

St. Ours Clam Broth​

St. Ours & Company needed a web site to promote their consumer clam broth.

The starting point

This is a great one. St. Ours & Company contacted me to see if I had the mechanicals to re-print their Clam Broth inserts. Why me? Because they were created by my father about 50 years ago! These days we don't use mechanicals but back then there was a lot of cutting and pasting and hand lettering, damn he was meticulous. 


So, my job became recreating the old mechanicals as modern print ready files, we talked about redesigning but it has a classic, quaint charm and the logo is great, it's stood the test of time, but maybe I'm biased ;) We kept the hand drawn lettering and just brought up the resolution.


The website

St. Ours & Company has had tremendous success selling their spray dried clam broth to commercial buyers and they decided that it was time to have a website, as an online presence, a brand extension and to sell their individual packets online.  

I started by taking product shots.

With an additional stock photo search for some glamour food shots, a tint and some dimension added to the logo we moved onto the site structure. They already had recipes that were included in the clam broth package so Recipes became a subsection, I reformatted them and also created card size version to download. 

Since they only sell one product, there was no reason to convert the site to a store, we simply added a PayPal cart.


The sales sheet

St.Ours & Company also needed something to hand out at tradeshows. I kept it very much in line with the look of the website.

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