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Canva starter package

This package is for people who:

  • are just starting

  • may not know how to use Canva

  • cannot afford a professional designer*



Premium Canva subscription
NOT required
1. Logo Design

2. Colors and brand fonts 
available in Canva and Google fonts 


3. Business card

4. Letterhead design

5. Facebook header image and logo

6. LinkedIn header image and logo

7. Facebook/Instagram post template (frame design branding with type and picture options inside for you to edit)


8. Choice of one:

  • Flyer (shown)

  • Postcard

  • SignAd


Bonus: This last one can also be used as your introductory social post image, Facebook market post, email promo or anything else you can think of with a quick change of copy. (Don't worry, I'll show you :)

Insta3-min (1).png

This isn't one of those 'here you go, you're on your own' things. If you are not comfortable even opening Canva, you don't have to. I will save all the files you need for each service exactly as you need them along with instructions for how to use them. How to upload the Facebook header image and logo, etc.

If and when you are comfortable using Canva everything will be waiting for you along with instructions for how to use Canva.

You'll receive instructions for accessing your files, editing them and downloading them. You can even order your flyer, letterhead and business cards right from within Canva.




Rollover the flyer to see the original Canva template used for this package.

*I am a professional designer

I create these sets individually, and with care. I consider your business or product and find the best solutions within Canva and adapt them specifically for you.


In a way this is what most designers do, we look for inspiration that will work with the clients needs and adjust it, add to it, subtract from it, and make it better. Canva gives me a head start by allowing me to use one of those inspiration pieces as a starter file, saving me a few hours.

This also means that the templates that I use will become unique to you so you don't need to worry about a common problem with using Canva templates; seeing your flyer hanging outside an ice cream shop promoting a free single scoop ;)

Rollover the flyer image to the right and check out the Canva template I used as the starter file for this package.


Easy, I mean really easy


I know, everybody says that "Canva is so easy" but when you opened it, it didn't seem so easy - right?​

Okay, this time it really will be easy because you are going to sign up for a free Canva account that we'll share until it's set up. When you get it back and open it you'll see the "Design" blocks below in the middle of your Canva home page. From there, you click one of your new products and it will open like the document on the right. Just double click the type to change it.

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