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Expressions website

This was a pro-bono job for a local artisan shop.

The goal was a professional, beautiful website, utilizing their new branding, that would entice people into the shop and be a website for each artisan.

For some, this would be their only web presence so, each of the 12 creators would be features prominently on the home page and would have their own page, most linking to their social, personal sites or shops.

I used the basic Wix plan to create this site, using their CMS to make it easy for the shop to manage all content via tables. 

Updating the site without me

I wanted the folks at Expressions to be able to keep the home page fresh with new products and announcements, I figured out that the best way would be to link a block directly to Instagram so that whatever was most recently posted would show up in the home page header in real-time.

Adding and removing images or even members is easy, they only need to go into a chart like this and edit what is already there. 

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