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Expressions artisan co-op

Expressions had a new logo but needed new signage, a Facebook post, and more.

Client story


The starting point

This is what the branding looked like before. The words successful showed the wide range of artistry available but were burdensome to keep accurate, So they did away with that concept and had a new logo created 

New logo

The new logo, created by another designer is more expressive and in line with the creative vibe of the retail store, thumbs up all around.


Developing the brand

After finding out that the artists at Expressions liked the idea of watercolor texture in coastal colors (they are located in a harbor district) I presented them with the following window sign ideas. They liked the second one but wanted the background to be softer.


They also decided that they did not want window signs, just one big sign for a street festival,


and another to hang above the front door and a Facebook post to get people in.


Soon after, I designed some handout postcards, and business cards/ labels.


The hand off

They wanted a couple more items, a gift certificate and some kind of in-store tagging since they were each using their one hand lettered signs.


I decided that Google Slides would work best for the product signs because of the different levels of computer ability, and so that they could all edit and print them on the in-store computer.

For the gift certificates we decided to use editable PDFs so that they could be sent out via email or printed on site.

I am still on-call with Expressions, I update their postcard each year and am only an email away if they have any questions or just need a logo file or whatever (no, I don't charge for those little things, at this point I just consider myself part of the team : )

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