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Framed Photo Collages


Service includes

  • collections of photos from you and your loved ones, both digitally and hard copies to be digitized by me. (email instructions provided)

  • moderate photo fix-ups, like fixing back lighting issues, red-eye, cropping, straightening, minor repairs.

  • careful layout of the photos based on the size, quantity and importance (60 photo maximum per frame).

  • I will add any words in any color, to any part you wish (100 maximum).



Collage and glossy or matte print:



Drymount on foamcore with wire for hanging:


Frame rental each:



Frame each:

Professional framing
drymounted image under UV coated glass in higher quality frame:



Basic drop shadow over white background


White "mat" with inner mat shadow


White background

Click on the images to see enlarged versions.

When selecting your "mat" choice please be aware that it's not a real mat, it's just an image of a mat created in Photoshop, the final image will be completely flat.

- Jodi Sinatra

Hand delivered, framed, 22x34 photo collage delivered to your door* 

Just send me your photos,
and I'll take care of the rest


Dark gray "mat" with white outline


Modern black background

* within 15 miles of Rockland, MA


Light gray "mat" with white outline and inner mat shadow


Dark gray "mat" with light gray outline and inner mat shadow


Tan "mat" with white outline

Depending upon photo quantity and quality

Extensive photo image repair also available 

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