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Got a Fresh New Rebrand?

And a slew of old marketing material in need of a brand refresh?


Well, that's my sweet spot! my happy place - really! The days that I spend rebranding are among the best, and when people do what they love, they do it well.


I know I know, you can hire someone from overseas for a few dollars and it might work out fine but, with years of experience comes inherent knowledge and speed. Knowledge to incorporate new design elements, photo requirements, personas, color, filters, font changes and fit, illustration style updates, and more, These things matter. To me. 

If you want someone to take your branding guidelines along with your existing files in whatever form they are and get back fresh new files, packaged or added to whatever files management system you use, ready to print or distribute on the web please contact me

before and afters


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Let's start a conversation

Thank you! You'll here back from me very soon.

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