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why we adopt older cats*



This is Yeddie. He’s old cat #2.







My fiance Scott and I decided to only adopt old cats after my true love of about 20 years, Koda passed away.




Many old cats end up in shelters when elderly pet parents pass away, like Peanut's Mom, and that that's sad but that’s not the only reason to adopt an older cat.


Older cats don’t require as much play time, Yeddie is done with play time before me, in mere minutes! His only request is a bed by each of our desks. He is an excellent purring lump to watch tv with.


Another benefit, shelters often waive their adoption fees and they’re so thankful, I cannot even tell you.

And old kitties don't stick around as long, so you can take a break and travel and re-asses, we keep meaning to travel ;)

* No guilt trips here, just stuff I've learned and wanted to share.
* Dogs are equally awesome 

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