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Expression arisan co-op

Expressions is a brick and mortar artisan co-op gallery in Scituate Harbor, MA. They were established by local artists and artisans to provide a venue to create and showcase their work. Expressions had a brand new logo but needed new signage, a Facebook post, a new website and more.


The starting point

This is what the branding looked like before. The words successfully showed the wide range of artistry available but were burdensome to keep accurate, So they did away with that concept and had a new logo created

The new logo

The new logo, created by another designer is more expressive and in line with the creative vibe of the retail store, thumbs up all around.


Developing the brand

After finding out that the artists at Expressions liked the idea of watercolor texture in coastal colors (they are located in a harbor district) I presented them with the following window sign ideas. They liked the second one but wanted the background to be softer.

The final results

After the branding was approved we moved ahead with the sign, Facebook post, and postcards.


Website redesign

A designer hopes for a bad design for a "before" but Expressions did a good job creating their site based on a single graphic, a header image I created.

First steps

Since Expressions sells products, we talked about including a store but decided that most members would not embrace the idea so we focused on creating a home page for each member and including a clear button to individuals Facebook, Etsy or Store pages.


Home page focus

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder I felt that it was very important to get each artists best work front and center so people could make a connection immediately so, just below the header on the home page is a grid showing all 15 creators with a link to their own page.

Carrying on without me

Instagram image link

I wanted the folks at Expressions to be able to keep the home page fresh with new products and announcements, I figured out that the best way would be to link a block directly to Instagram so that whatever was most recently posted would show up in the home page header in real-time.

Member updates

To add and remove images or even members, Expressions folks need only go into a chart and edit what is already there using the Wix CMS (Content Management System). 

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