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What I can do for you


If it's not on the list, just ask, I'm a jack of a lot of trades, I love to learn, and I have connections wink wink. 


If you need a web site, big or small I can work with you to create a spiffy new design that's easy to navigate, quick to load on any device, easy for Google to find and can be edited by you if you'd like, or me or course.


Email Marketing

Depending of the type of site, If I create a website for you, it will come with email marketing built in, including self triggers. But there are many options and CRMs, I can even work with what you already have.


Social Media 

Again, depending of the type, If I create a website for you, it may come with social media posting options built right in. With my designing expertise and some easy lessons, you'll be well on your way to unique social posting on your own. 



Logos, fonts, color schemes, design elements. We'll work together to create the personality for your business.



Window signs, conference banners, stickers, displays, digital signage.


Print material

Post cards, business cards, posters, brochures, flyers, packaging labels, book covers, book design and layout, billboards, ads, packaging, textiles.


Presentation media

Power Point, Google Slides, signage, custom infographics, explanatory animations, handouts, printables, takeaways, SWAG. 


Onsite or virtual training

Want to be able to do it yourself or have one of your employees do it? I can train. Just let me know what you need to know and I'll let you know if I know it.



I can take photos of your products, your buildings, your employees or even you so that you too can have a photo of yourself on your site even though you don't want to, just like me! But really, don't your prefer knowing that I'm a real human?

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