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Enter to receive a pdf containing a linked list of free fonts available in both Canva and Google Fonts. Read on to find out why it's useful.

I will also send other useful items like this if/when I make them, I promise, no spamming.


Why a page just for fonts? Because fonts are very important, especially when they are an issue. My goal is to use what I've learned as a professional designer is to figure out how to get the most out of the tools resources that are available and pass that information on to you. If you want a professional brand, fonts are key.

Enter your name and email above to receive a list of fonts available in both Canva and Google Fonts
(or just squint at this one) 
Linked to Google the font download page for each font

If your main brand fonts are from this list, you and/or your designer(s) can use any program to create designs. Now and in the future.

And if you're afraid the list is too limited, take a look at the following logos, all created with just one font: Helvetica.
I would consider any non-brand font found only in Canva a design element only and keep to a minimum.

Choose your fonts (2 or 3) and your colors (2-5) and use (pretty much) only those, bonus points if you choose fonts available everywhere, not just Canva or you buy them.


I usually start my search with Google fonts, they are free, web friendly, and constantly adding great new fonts. If you want something different, with personality and you're will to invest some money,  Creative Market has great font artists on their site that you'd be supporting, prices range between $12-$80.


The reason that you don't want your brand fonts to be only available in Canva is, that it's short term thinking. What happens if you find a font in Canva you love, create everything with it, build a brand around that fonts personality and you need to create something that can't be created in Canva? Like, you want to create something in a new animation app that just came out. Or it's 10 years from now and Elon Musk buys Canva and decides to discontinue your font? As a designer, fonts make me nervous, take it with a grain of salt. Note, sometimes you'll need to delete the existing type to use a different font in Canva.

If you do not have a Canva Pro account you cannot upload your own fonts. This is another time when fonts available in both Canva and Google Fonts come in handy.

The first thing I noticed when I saw the templates on Canva was, okay, now I get why I keep seeing the same fonts, colors and shapes over and over again, on Instagram, on Etsy t-shirts, everywhere that is not corporate America. So, I would make it your goal to not be one of them. If you take the following steps you can escape the 'Etsy side hustle branding' trap.

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