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Wix on the Cheap

Wix is pretty cheap considering all it offers but I may just think that because I've been doing this since before all the competition brought down the prices of the add-ons. For example, adding e-commerce would cost you thousands now it's just an extra $11 a month. But, that's not the issue, it's the upfront costs. Here are the ways you can save money upfront.

When/if you sign up for a year
Eventually all the sites I create I upgrade to a yearly plan, it's much cheaper that way in the long run.

If you do, make sure that you put the date of your renewal on your calendar, Wix does not send out reminder emails and they do not accept accuses, when it auto renews the money is theirs. 
Start with a free site

I start most of my sites as a free site because it's easy and can easily be switched to a paying site. When you create your Wix account, assume that you will be making a free site at some point and give a little thought to the name because it will be part of your URL (but you can change it later). There is also a Wix bar add across the top like this:


This will be the URL of your free site:

where anything after the "/" will have dashes between the words and no caps. I'd go with your business name obviously or real name for a blog etc.



That's pretty professional for a free website URL, I wouldn't turn my nose up at that store.

Sign up for monthly 

Maybe you need more than the free site offers or you want to get a real URL, sign up for monthly hosting.​


But Wix includes a free URL if I sign up for a year.

So what, you can get the same thing for $15 What?! Yup.


Reasons you may not want to go all in and pay $340 or whatever your yearly plan comes out:​


  • What if you decide you're not ready for the business and want to cancel? You can only cancel a yearly plan within the first 14 days, zero days for an auto renew.

  • What if it's not the right plan? You cannot refund part of a plan, you'll receive credit for the difference

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