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Welcome to
Jodi Sinatra Design


Let this (mostly) traditional designer with over 20 years of experience help in any way that works for you, Canva help maybe, or professional designs done for you?
Does any of this sound familiar...

Prefer DIY but not sure where to start?

Canva might be just what the designer ordered

Canva has gotten crazy good and it's for sure ready for primetime. I can help by giving you guidance to set you up for success from the start so you don't get in then find out you missed a step and have to back up and redo things. Like that time you put that draw bottom in upside down and had to take the whole thing apart and start over.

I can also take it a step further and set up your Canva accout for you; I can load in your brand colors, fonts and elements; set up your folders; and create some new design templates to get you rolling.




Need a website but just starting out?

Wix to the rescue!

I know, I know, you've seen some pretty cool template websites, can't we just tweak on of those? Sure, I can tweak it for small money or tweak it more and you won't even be able to tell it came from a template!

Or maybe you want something that's unique to you, well thought out, targeted to your clients, that really pulls them in? Sweet, let's build something great!

Not hands-on, just want a

social post
digital ad
sales sheet
print ad
tradeshow material 


I don't know, can you show me how you've helped someone else ?

Sure, Expressions of Scituate

We started with a simple branding update for a sign which developed into a website that equally features 14 local artisans that they update themselves with a basic database as well as a hompage image link to their Instagram account.

Jodi Sinatra has been making my business looking great for five years. Jodi is creative and demonstrates an extraordinary eye for color and distinctive designs. Jodi’s designs and her knowledge were an integral part of my new business’ positive successful marketing.

Alice Gillan, Gillan Learning Center, LLC

About me

I am a senior level designer with over 20 years of experience, an expert in print design, Adobe programs, digital ads, social media posts, user interfaces and web graphics.

I grew up in Norwell, MA, went to art school for two years then transfered and graduated from Fitchburg State College. I spent the next several years designing at a marketing agency in Boston (near the milk bottle) run by two great woman. I've been mostly freelancing since then, remotely, all over the country.

I have been designing for the web since early days, hardwired with the knowledge that comes from being the only designer in a college class full of programmers giving you the side-eye in the only web design class.


My clients have been in education, finance, technology, fin-tech, e-commerce, STEM, the arts, government, and retail.

I love working from my home on the south shore of Massachusetts where I make digital and analog art, take nature walks with my camera and am pretty much always available to work. I also rescue senior cats (I know what you're picturing but - only 1 or 2 at a time ;) and I welcome pro-bono work so hit me up.

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