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I am an experienced 
marketing & ad designer offering proficient, creative, high-quality and on brand designs.


About me.

Designing has always come naturally to me, I could always nudge my school reports up a grade or two by knocking the design out of the park. When I went to college I would learn that the things that I just did automatically had terms like proximity, division and ‘the rule of thirds’ (I studied photography as well). 


After graduating from Fitchburg State College I spent the next several years honing my skills, first at a marketing agency in Boston then as a corporate and nonprofit freelancer all over the country. I am great at stepping in to established brands as if I've been there all along, like a double dutch jump rope, remember those? I can make things seamlessly match or creatively transcend, it's all wicked fun for me (that's what we say in Bawston)

I am a senior level designer with over 20 years of experience, an expert in print design, InDesign layout and pre-press, and a pro at digital ads, social media posts, user interfaces and web graphics.

I have been designing for the web since early days, hardwired with the knowledge that comes from being the single designer in a college class full of programmers giving you the side-eye in the only web design class.


My clients have been in education, finance, technology, fin-tech, e-commerce, STEM, the arts, government, and retail.

I love working from my home on the south shore of Massachusetts where I make digital and analog art, take nature walks with my camera and am pretty much always available to work. I also rescue senior cats (one or two at time, I haven't earned my crazy cat lady patch - yet). I welcome pro-bono work.

I am currently looking for work as a production designer, mid-senior designer or a contract/ freelance designer. 


Please leave your info and message below.  Also let me know if you prefer an email or a call back.

Thank you, Jodi 

Thank you! You'll here back from me very soon.

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