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Brochures and Annual Reports


STEM For Her 2020 Annual Report


The two annual reports I created for STEM for Her in the years just previous to this one had been more visually dense, that, along with the theme lead me to create the 2020 report with a cleaner, more minimal look.

Working along with their marketer, they came up with the theme of pivoting, due mostly to Covid and it's required adjustments. I started with two options, one using an upward pivot shown here, and this one using angles. I am glad they chose this version, I think it works very well conceptually but also helps disguise the resolutions issues. 


They did not have many photo and the ones that they did have were low resolution Zoom screenshots so I turned to stock and used color and black and white to distinguish our girls from the stock photography. It also gave me a chance to feature the issues without confusion.

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