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BusinessValue365 logo and website


The logo

It came down to these two logos, the original conversations leaned heavily on A.I. but based on cultural feelings on A.I. and our target audience of mostly blue collar industries we settled on the more simple, lower-tech, Walmart feeling logo. The client provided a new tagline as we developed the design for the website.


The website - currently in progress

After several iterations, here is the second to last design. BusinessValue365 offers 5 services that are seamlessly paired with a custom suite of Zoho apps.


The website - currently in progress

Here is the final home page (though I'm sure there will be changes even as it's programmed).

Things that have changed and why:

After additional customer acquisitions and long discussions about pain points we simplified the messaging above the fold to be more immediate and personal and solution based.


We removed the generic service headings instead focusing on solutions, I made this an animated build to give the feeling of background automation. I balanced this out be increasing the human element in the bottom section (more casual, softer edges, larger area).

The client was disappointed by the way I presented the Zoho apps in the bottom section. It was important to him that people really understand the value, and what the apps could do for them in their business specifically.

We accomplished this by breaking down the apps by category so that they could not only see the real breadth of the offerings but follow the path most relevant to themselves.

That is all for now, I'll keep you posted at this project moves forward.

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